A few facts about

Super palm olein

Palm olein is the liquid portion which is separated from the semi-solid palm oil by fractionation. The liquid portion is sold as cooking oils and the solid portion is known as "palm stearin". When palm olein is fractionated again to get a more liquid fraction, it is known as "super palm olein". Palm super olein is capable of withstanding colder temperature in comparison with palm olein after which they turn into solid. Palm olein is commonly used as cooking oil in the tropical countries. But the problem in temperate countries is that due to cold weather it tends to get cloudy and crystalise. To overcome this problem palm olein is blended with more unsaturated vegetable oils. This blended form can be used in a wide range of climates and has a better cold stability. These blends are also cheaper than non-blended forms. The vegetable oils from rice bran, groundnuts and rapeseed are blended with palm olein to get a superior form in terms of quality and stability.

Palm oil is obtained from the fruit of E. Guineesis. It is extracted from the flesh of the fruit and is bright orange in color in unrefined form because of the presence of high quantity of carotene pigments. The oil which is highly resistant to prolonged heat exposure and oxidation remains semi-solid in room temperature. In margarine and vegetable shortenings Palm Oil is used commonly. Palm olein differs remarkably from palm oil as it remains liquid at room temperature. But in terms of resistance to heat and resisting the formation of breakdown products it is similar to palm oil. Both of them enhance the shelf life of products.

RBD Palm Olein means Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Olein which is obtained by fractioning of RBD Palm Oil. As crude palm oil is refined, its smell and colour get removed. The stearin in solid form and olein in liquid form are obtained after fractionation. RBD Palm Olein oil is liquid at room temperature and has a clear golden yellow colour. Because of its fatty acid composition and good oxidative stability super refined palm olein is excellent to be used as liquid cooking oil and all the more suitable for frying. Palm oil which remains in semi-solid state at room temperature is used more frequently in bakery products as fat, whereas, liquid palm olein is the most widely used oil across the world for frying.

Organic palm super olein is obtained from Organic Palm Oil. Palm oil is bleached and deodorized and refined through the process of fractionation. The process involves heating the Oil to an extent of 60° C which is followed by slow application of cold water. As Palm Oil gets crystallized, the solid and liquid portions are separated with the help of a specially designed filter. Organic palm super olein is obtained from the liquid fraction. Organic Palm Olein is a preferred choice and quite beneficial for frying food. Apart from its high quality performance, the added advantage is it does not alter the taste or flavour of fried food as it does not have any distinct fragrance. Moreover, it leaves the meal completely dry with no dripping of oil.